Jenny West, Board Certified Massage Therapist
Jenny West, Board Certified Massage Therapist, Specializing in Therapeutic and Medical Massage in Elizabeth, Colorado


Krisha, Teacher, Centennial, CO  *August, 2010**   Jenny is one of the best massage therapists I have worked with.  The thing I loved the most was that she really listened to me about what I wanted from the massage, and was responsive as the massage went on.  She is clearly an expert in her field.  I would highly recommend Jenny as a massage therapist.  Whether you want a nice and relaxing massage or need some serious work done, you won't be sorry-she is GREAT!!! -

Donna Savoy, Parker, CO  *November, 2010**     I can attest to walking in to the spa and not being able to turn my neck and after an hour of magic I was indeed human again... Cannot wait till I have time to come back in... Thanks for making me human again.. :)

Anita Elliott Hodgden, Parker, CO  *November, 2010**   Jenny, you have magic fingers when it comes to my issues!! With my fibromyalgia and serious muscle issues, you have done wonders for me. Without you and Doc Walker, I wouldn't be able to move at all. In my opinion, you have the absolute "magic touch" and I thank you so much for that!!

 Melinda Hunnings, Parker, CO  Jenny is absolutly a miracle worker! After just one massage with her I was able to run again without my hip hurting, something I hadnt been able to do in months. Jenny is awesome!

Jamie Rich, Castle Rock, CO  August, 2011   Jenny is an amazing therapist! She has the touch that makes you feel great. She has an amazing balance between helping with pain and relaxation! She made me very comfortable from the first massage she gave me. The atmosphere of her room is great! I love the music she plays and how relaxing everything is! I will be seeing her again very soon and I just cant wait!

Jen Spencer, Aurora, CO   August, 2011  Jenny is the best!! She is so professional and really takes care of her customers. I've been to other massage therapists but have never had a relaxing massage like I get with Jenny. I could fall asleep on her table. She truly is great at what she does!

Kena Peterson, Parker, CO  August, 2011  Jenny is FANTASTIC! She has greatly helped both me and my husband with our various ailments : ) She is great at what she does and is always professional, courteous and wonderful at what she does. She has really helped my shoulder issues and recently did an emergency session with my mom for her sciatica. I highly recommend Jenny!

Laurie Garcia, August 2011   I have been to a lot of massage therapists and I can honestly say that Jenny is one of the very best that I have seen! There have been times that I have had pain but can't pinpoint the exact location it's coming from - JENNY ALWAYS CAN!!! She is extremely intuitive and knows the human body very well - this is vital for a massage therapist - because even though she asks for feedback on pressure she pretty much always gets it right without the feedback simply because of her knowledge and intuitiveness.... I recommend her often and have absolutely no reservations in doing so! She is also a genuinely kind and honest person and will make even the most nervous first-timer feel completely comfortable!

Alexa Cohn, August, 2011  My first massage with Jenny, I was having some hip pain and the only way to get rid of it was to really hurt me, or so I thought. Jenny applied the perfect amount of pressure, it was uncomfortable, but very effective. She also left enough time to give me a relaxing massage. Her treatment lasted about a week, when I went to see her again. The pain was less, and the treatment has lasted much longer. Not only is she very talented and intuitive, it is a pleasure to spend time with her! She is a genuinely kind person. I've found my massage therapist and see no need to go anywhere else. She is worth the travel!

Kim Skaggs, September 2014  I just have to praise you Jenny West. Every night I struggle with sleeping. I am up from 4-6 times a night and rarely feel rested. ONLY after getting a massage from you do I finally get restful sleep. I have NO idea why or what you do that causes this but it lasts for usually 2 nights and I really LOOK FORWARD to my massages, not just because of the amazing work you do on my SUPER TENSE body but knowing that I will FINALLY get a good nights sleep that night. Last night I was out cold until 6:00am! THANK YOU so much for giving me the gift of sleep! You keep me sane!!


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